Things to do in Málaga in February

February in Malaga offers a charming blend of mild temperatures, sunny days, and a variety of exciting events:

Málaga Carnival

Málaga Carnival is a spectacular celebration not to be missed during your visit to the Costa del Sol! Every year in February, Malaga transforms into a colorful carnival haven, where locals and tourists alike enjoy a festive atmosphere. Well-known areas such as Soho Malaga and Calle Larios come alive with lively parades, where people don imaginative costumes, and there are even competitions for the most impressive outfits. During Malaga Carnival, the city’s restaurants and bars also join in the fun with special menus and culinary experiences, allowing you to taste local delicacies and delicious specialties.

When: February 3rd at 8:00 PM – February 11th
Where: Plaza de la Constitución
Program: Look here

Rutas de los Almendros en Flor – Witness the Almond Trees in Bloom:

„Rutas de los Almendros en Flor“ in Guaro is an enchanting event celebrating the beauty of nature through blooming almond trees. This annual event attracts visitors who come to enjoy the sight of pink and white flowers. Guaro, a charming village known for its rich cultural heritage, becomes even more magical when the almond trees blossom. During „Rutas de los Almendros en Flor,“ visitors can walk along charming paths surrounded by these beautiful trees, creating a fantastic carpet of colors.

Guaro routes:
11.6 km (easy to moderate) Route 1
11.6 km (moderate) Route 2 

Día de Andalucía:

Día de Andalucía is a regional holiday celebrated in Andalusia, the southernmost region of Spain, on February 28th every year. The day marks the adoption of Andalusia’s autonomy statute and symbolizes the region’s cultural identity and pride. The celebration includes traditions such as balcony competitions, where citizens decorate their balconies in vibrant colors. The festivities also feature traditional events such as music, dance, and colorful parades.

Here is an overview of some activities taking place during Día de Andalucía 2024:

Atarfe (Granada): Festejo de Rejones Hispano-Luso:

In Atarfe, Granada, Día de Andalucía is celebrated with a unique event, „Festejo de Rejones Hispano-Luso.“ This traditional form of bullfighting, known as „rejoneo,“ involves skilled horseback riders performing artistic movements with a special lance called „rejón.“ It is a beautiful blend of Spanish and Portuguese culture, and the event is filled with excitement and aesthetics. Audiences can experience the noble art form and the close bond between rider and horse during this unique celebration of Día de Andalucía in Atarfe.

When: February 28th at 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM
Where: Atarfe Colosseum
Price: Adults (€25), 10-15 years (€15), 6-9 years (€10)
Ticket purchaseLook here

Dos Hermanas: Concert for Día de Andalucía with the Musiziergemeinschatft Orchestra from the Mozarteum of Salzburg:

In Dos Hermanas, Día de Andalucía is celebrated with a solemn concert presented by the renowned Musiziergemeinschatft Orchestra from the Mozarteum in Salzburg. The evening offers a unique musical experience for all attendees.

When: February 23rd at 9:00 PM
Where: Calle Ntra. Sra. de Valme
Price: €2
Ticket purchaseLook here

Écija (Sevilla): Festival Taurino in La Plaza de Toros:

Écija, a charming city in Seville, kicks off its bullfighting season with a spectacular festival on Día de Andalucía. The doors open for a thrilling taurino festival celebrating the region’s proud bullfighting tradition. The festival presents an impressive lineup of skilled rejoneadores and toreros performing daring maneuvers and artistic movements. The atmosphere in Plaza de Toros is electric, filled with excitement and passion from both participants and the audience.

When: February 28th at 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Where: La Plaza de Toros de Écija

El Burgo (Málaga): Fiesta Dedicated to the Sopa de los Siete Ramales:

In the picturesque town of El Burgo, Día de Andalucía is celebrated with a unique festival dedicated to the „Sopa de los Siete Ramales,“ honoring the region’s culinary heritage in a tasteful and festive manner. Participants in the festivities can enjoy the authentic „Sopa de los Siete Ramales,“ a delicious soup made with seven different types of herbs and vegetables. During the celebration, visitors can immerse themselves in local culture and gastronomy, experience traditional musical performances, and participate in colorful parades. Fiesta Dedicated to the Sopa de los Siete Ramales in El Burgo is not only a culinary experience but also a tribute to the region’s unique flavor nuances and culinary traditions on Día de Andalucía.

When: February 28th
Where: Pasos Largos Monument

Granada: Así Canta y Baila Granada on Día de Andalucía:

In the city of Granada, Día de Andalucía will be celebrated with a spectacular cultural experience at the event „Así Canta y Baila Granada on Día de Andalucía.“ During this festive evening, Granada’s artists and musicians will bring to life the rich Andalusian culture through song and dance. The audience will experience traditional musical performances, including flamenco and other local dance forms, reflecting the region’s heritage.

When: February 27th at 8:30 PM
Where: Auditorio Municipal La Chumbera, Sacromonte
Price: €12
Ticket purchaseLook here 

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